Congratulations to our new Special Services PAC Parent!

The MISD Parent Advisory Committee is comprised of parents of children with special needs. The parents that participate are recommended by their local school districts and appointed by the Macomb Intermediate School District Board. The PAC also provides intercommunication, awareness and involvement between parents, the community, local boards of education, the Intermediate School District, the State Department of Education, and the State Board of Education.  Ms. Manuel recently was approved by the Van Dyke Board of Education as our representative to this committee. 

Ebony Manuel lives in Warren with her 4 children: Dayla (12th grader at Lincoln High School), Miguel (7th grader at Lincoln Middle School), Nigel (4th grader at Lincoln Elementary School), and her son Aiden who is 3 years old. Nigel is currently receiving special education services for a Hearing Impairment.  This is the family’s third year in Van Dyke Schools.

Ms. Manuel graduated from Ferris State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and would like to pursue her Master’s Degree in Psychology.  She is active in community organizations such as “Michigan Hands and Voices” and the “Great Start Collaborative” in Wayne County.  Ms. Manuel has a passion for on-going learning about educational strategies, processes and resources that can not only help her to become a better parent, but to share that knowledge with other parents.  

Ms. Manuel has stated that the Van Dyke teams have welcomed and supported her children with open arms and she wants to give back by representing our district as a parent advocate. Ms. Manuel shares the belief that when collaborating on an educational team “it’s all about the child” and that everyone on a team plays an important role when helping students reach their full potential.  Her excitement and enthusiasm for working with other parents, teachers, support staff and administrators is contagious and motivating!

Both Ms. Ludlum and Mrs. Huey-Rocheleau, Special Services Administrators, describe Ms. Manuel as a very positive, passionate, and knowledgeable parent.  We are confident that she will represent Van Dyke Schools with optimism and empathy as our PAC representative.