E Bates

Eleanor Bates

Ms. Bates is a 1946 graduate of Lincoln High School and is a life-long resident of the Van Dyke community. Ms. Bates is a former member of the Warren City Council and Community Development Corporation, and is currently serving on the Warren Beautification Commission, Warren Symphony Board, Warren Concert Band Board, and the Warren Historical Society. She is a very active member of the Lincoln High School Alumni Association. The five Bates children are graduates of Lincoln High School. Elected to the Board of Education in June of 2005, Ms. Bates says, "My goal is to provide and develop quality education for all students at all levels; in order to succeed in today's world, our students need to continue their education beyond high school to compete for the jobs of the 21st Century."


Diane Boehm

Mrs. Boehm has lived in the Van Dyke Public School District for over twenty-five years.  Elected in June of 1994, Mrs. Boehm has held offices on the Board of Education as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  She holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching and has taken additional course work in educational leadership.  Currently, Mrs. Boehm is a principal at a neighboring elementary school.  Her children are graduates of Lincoln High School.


R Carloni

Richard Carloni

Mr. Carloni has lived in the Van Dyke District for over twenty-five years and holds an Associate's Degree in Applied Science as well as an Associate's Degree of General Studies. Appointed in November of 1999, Mr. Carloni was elected to the Board in June of 2000. Mr. Carloni's wife currently works at Lincoln High School. They are the proud parents of five children who have all attended Van Dyke Public Schools. In the past Mr. Carloni has volunteered for the District's Science Olympiad, Paint the Town, and has held board positions with the Lincoln High School Band Boosters. Mr. Carloni spends many hours volunteering at the high school band and music programs.


D Cowlbeck

David Cowlbeck

Mr. Cowlbeck is a graduate of McKenzie High School in Detroit and has lived in the Van Dyke community for over thirty years. His four children graduated from Lincoln High School. Mr. Cowlbeck has been a member of the Lincoln High School Band Booster Club and Lincoln High School Athletic Booster Club. Elected in 1994, Mr. Cowlbeck has held the following offices on the Board of Education: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In February of 2001, Mr. Cowlbeck completed course work to become a Certified Board Member and received the Macomb County School Board Association Award of Merit.


Mark Kedzior

Mark Kedzior attended Van Dyke Public Schools from kindergarten to graduation from Lincoln High School in 1970.  He and his wife Anna are proud parents of 2 children who are both graduates of Lincoln High School.  Mark was originally appointed to the Van Dyke Board of Education in June, 1993, and served on the Board until January, 2010.  He was once again appointed to the Board in January, 2018.  As a member of the Board, his main focus is providing a quality education to all students and to encourage and inspire them to be successful in life. 


Ivan Thomas

Mr. Thomas has been a Van Dyke resident for over 12 years.  He is married and has 3 children that attend Van Dyke Public Schools.  He graduated from Osborn High School in Detroit and holds a Business Administration degree from Wayne County Community College as well as certification in Climate Control Technology from Northwestern Technological Institute.  Mr. Thomas is also an advocate and supporter of the Band program as well as the Athletic Department of VDPS.  Mr. Thomas' goal as a Board Member is bridging the gap between Administration, Faculty, Parents and Students with an emphasis on career, college and life readiness for all students.  Having everyone on the same page to help all students achieve their full academic potential is a priority.


Jecinda Jones-Bettie

Mrs. Bettie is a long time Van Dyke resident, as well as the proud Mother of 3 children, 2 of which graduated from Lincoln High School and the 3rd is currently attending Van Dyke.  She has been married to her husband Kevin for 13 years.  Mrs. Bettie graduated from Mumford High School in 1992 and has worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan for 23 years and is currently attending Macomb Community College with a major in Business.  Her goal as a Board member is to ensure that each of our children receive the best education and to graduate as well as be prepared for college and adult life.  Mrs. Bettie is also a member of the Refreshing Word Ministry Church and is the Episcopal Secretary to Bishop Dukes.