Foundation for Excellence

Joan Russ, Foundation Coordinator
(586) 758-8333

The Van Dyke Foundation for Educational Excellence was established in 1998 to support Van Dyke teachers in the development and implementation of innovative, creative and unique classroom programs that cannot be provided through the school district budget. Since the foundation’s inception, a number of outstanding educational teacher initiative have been made possible in the classrooms throughout the district.

Grant monies are derived from various sources, including donations from Van Dyke employees, retirees, community members, community groups, estates, business and industry and donations made in the name of a loved one. All donations go directly towards the foundation grant program because there are no administrative fees.

The Foundation’s grants have afforded opportunities for Van Dyke students to enjoy experiences that would not have been provided through the school district budget.

Board of Trustees

Andrea Agrusa
Eleanor Bates
Piper Bognar
Roger Markham
Barb Neihoff
Joan Russ
Edie Valentine