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Kennedy Early Childhood Center is committed to a philosophy of recognizing the uniqueness of each child.  We believe each child learns in his/her own special way.  All children will be provided the opportunity to reach maximum potential through positive reinforcements in activities designed to promote a positive self-concept.  We believe in a safe and nurturing environment in which children are allowed the freedom to explore the wonders of their world.  We believe that a close home-school partnership promotes the development of children into happy, healthy and independent individuals.  


“Every day is a new day.  Play, Learn and Grow Together.”


First Five Years class at Kennedy Early Childhood Center
This 5-week program for parents who have children 4 years and under includes basic parenting skills with discipline that really work as well as a chapter on preparing for school success.  The cost of the class is a one-time fee of $5 per family, book and childcare included. Any family that completes the class and receives a Certificate of Completion at the last session will also receive a $20 gas card.

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