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Immunizations must be kept up to date. If immunization records are not kept up to date, your child can be excluded from the program.

Physicals must be turned in within 28 days after school starts.

Varicella (chickenpox-shot) is required by the state.


Frequent checks will be given in class.

Procedures for lice precautions in the classroom.

  1. Parent will be called immediately to pick up child in the school's office.

  2. Along with the family members, the house must be properly treated also. Hair medications, and other lice treatment must be used.  In addition, please notify us if other family members come into contact with lice.

  3. Child will not be permitted to ride the bus to school.  Parent must bring child to the school office.  Child will be checked by the principal or other staff member.  If child is still contagious, he/she will not be allowed to stay.

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If your child has a temperature over 100 degrees, flu or cold symptoms, keep them at home to prevent spreading germs to others. Notify your child's teacher and transportation, of their absences.

Our World of Fours (586) 759-9406

Bus (586) 758-8371



A handbook will be given out at the beginning of the year for references.  You may refer to it for any information as needed.

Contact Areas:

  • Attendance Policy

  • Dismissal 

  • School Closings

  • Discipline Policy

  • Medication

  • Home Visits/Parent-Teacher Conferences 

  • Parent Participation


1. Will the buses be on time? 

There are times the buses will not arrive at the same time each day.  If they are late, you may call transportation.

2.  Where is Our World of Fours located?  

Our World of Fours is located at the Van Dyke Public Schools Administration Center.  The address is 23500 Mac Arthur.  (N. of Nine Mile, W. of Hoover).

4.  Will my child get breakfast and lunch at school?  

Breakfast or lunch is provided each day.

5.  Are siblings permitted in school when parents come for Parent day?   

For insurance purposes, siblings are not permitted at school for parent helper day. 

6.  Could I call during in-class hours to talk to my child's teacher?  

Please call before or after class hours, unless it is an emergency.  You may leave a message if the teacher is not at her desk.