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Since Governor Whitmer ordered schools to be closed,  our district is still providing education to ALL students.  First and foremost you should have picked up your child’s Summer Fit book.  This workbook contains activities for students in all specific grades to maintain and enhance classroom skills in reading, writing, math, language arts, science and geography.  If you did not pick up this book, please contact your child’s teacher.

The other way we are providing learning opportunities is through an online platform called Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?
We will be implementing Google Classroom for the remainder of the school year. Google Classroom is a free and secure learning management system for teachers, students and schools. It provides a safe and easy way for teachers to connect with you and your students, by sharing content assignments, classroom videos, activities, and reminders. Google Classroom is accessible online and on any mobile device with internet capabilities (free Android, Xbox, and iPhone app). 

Below are the instructions to login to Google Classroom. 

Google Classroom Sign in for Students
Each student now has an email address provided by our district.  No students will have access to EMAIL at this time.  The Email address is to be used to sign into Google Classroom.  They will also have access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The vdps.net email that was created is the ONLY email that will open your Google classroom account.  BEFORE trying to sign in to Google Classroom, make sure you are logged out of all personal accounts.

Format for email address: lastname.firstname@vdps.net  (no apostrophes in email addresses)  

Example:  Jennifer Macdonald   email: macdonald.jennifer@vdps.net

If the student has a hyphenated last name, use BOTH names. Example:  Jennifer Smith-Macdonald email: smith-macdonald.jennifer@vdps.net

Password: vandyke1 (all lowercase no spaces)

How to Sign into Google Classroom:
Go to the website: https://classroom.google.com/

Sign in with your district provided email account/password

If prompted, accept terms and conditions

If prompted select “student”

To JOIN a class: click the + sign in the top right corner.

Type in class code for grade level or subject to join class or classes

Here is a list of classroom codes by grade level:
If you are having difficulty logging in please feel free to contact the following Technology Support Teacher: Jennifer MacDonald - macdonald.jennifer@vdps.net

Lincoln El Classroom Codes
TK:  wnw6d4n
Kdg: 5radpik
1st: dwjqzqb
2nd: z7a5x5j
3rd: 5ddatba
4th: xdk6y6n
5th: hg2sxwd
Resource room (Mrs. Townes): ja4p563

Art : lexk7dt
Music: vzk2nw3
PE: 4ayne6r
Technology: d2d6g7h

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