Additional Information

What is a Virtual Learning Program?

A Virtual Learning Program allows for online learning options for students to continue working on a high school diploma or grade progression without physically attending the school campus on a daily basis.  


Student must be enrolled in Van Dyke Public Schools.  Enrollment in the Success Academy is conducted through an application and interview process.

Participation requires weekly two-way communication between the student, mentor, and/or director.  Failure to communicate weekly will result in removal from the program.

Students must login to their online course on count day.  Failure to login to classes on a weekly basis will result in removal from the program.  Truancy policy guidelines will be in effect.

Each virtual learning student will have a personalized education development plan.  Students will focus on completing one course every three weeks and must abide by the course completion schedule.

Students must participate in their grade level state and local assessments, which include NWEA MAP testing, MSTEP, PSAT, SAT, and ACT WorkKeys.

Students will have a designated mentor. This mentor is employed by the district and will assist in monitoring the student’s progress and will facilitate support as needed.

Attendance and Communication

Attendance and communication are essential for online academic success.  The following requirements must be met to maintain program enrollment.

  • The learner must follow the school’s course completion schedule.
  • It is expected that the learner will login to courses as required, including the state of Michigan count periods. Students are expected to login daily during the regular school calendar. Additional days may be required to successfully complete coursework.
  • Attendance for weekly on-site check in is mandatory.  If an absence is unavoidable and reasonable, the learner must contact the director to reschedule. A student missing more than 2 weekly check-ins is subject to removal from the program. Weekly communication is mandated by the state of Michigan and the district.