Kennedy Early Childhood Facts and Questions

Q: Are OWOF and GSRP the same programs?

A: Yes - GSRP (Great Start Readiness Program) is a state funded program available in Van Dyke Public Schools. In VDPS we call it the OWOF (Our World of Fours) Program. This free full day program is available for all children who have turned 4 on or before September 1st.

Q: Are Head Start and OWOF the same program?

A: No. Head Start is funded by the federal government and OWOF is funded by the state. It is a free full day program for children ages 3-5.

Q: What is EHS (Early Head Start) ?

A: Early Head Start is a program offered by Head Start for children ages 0-3. This is a free full day program offered by the federal government.

Q: How do I qualify for any of these programs?

A: All programs are based on income. The teams will decide based on income and the size of your family.

Q: How do I register for one of these programs?

A: For EHS and HS call the Macomb Community Action main offices at 586-469-5215. For GSRP call the Kennedy ECC main office at 586-759-9406.