District Info

Vision Statement
The Van Dyke Public School Community aspires to create critical thinkers and problem solvers in a culturally responsive, supportive, and safe environment.  We aim to nurture, educate, challenge, and prepare students for careers and college.

We will focus on each student's needs, in concert with our community and family stakeholders, guiding them as they develop into individuals who are inspired and prepared to excel in our rapidly-changing society.

Mission Statement
Every Student, Every Day, No Matter What.

Belief Statement|
The educational program and process will help students develop the knowledge and intellectual skills necessary to be successful after graduation and throughout life. Content, instruction, and assessments will be stimulating, intellectually challenging, and relevant to the lives of students.

The district will foster a climate that supports and believes in the success of all students. Appropriate interventions and remediation will be available to students who are having difficulty, for whatever reason, whether meeting curriculum standards, failing classes or dropping out of school. All students can and will strive to demonstrate proficiency on grade level and high school content standards and on the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) and the Michigan Merit Exam (MME).

Van Dyke Public Schools will provide an aligned curriculum and deliver instruction that meets the needs of a diverse population. Van Dyke Public Schools will work to provide adequate time for collaboration among teachers to create and maintain a well articulated K - 12 curriculum that meets the needs of all students.
Each school will provide time to collaborate with parents on their student's academic achievement, test results, course selection, post secondary education and career plans.

The professional development program of the district is data driven, collaborative, and needs based. The professional development program is based on current research and best practice.

All students will be assured an equitable curriculum and program offerings. All students regardless of unique needs will be fully included within all curriculum, instruction and assessment activities whenever possible.