School History

1879- VanDyke School, referred t as “the school house” was the first one-room school in Warren Township, District #5 and was located at the present site of Washington School . The building housed grades 1-8

1921-22- Because of growth a new three story, six room brick building was constructed on Studebaker and Federal . The building hosed grades 1-9

1925 Cornerstone layed for new addition to Lincoln School

1927- Its first 4 year graduating class number 3 students, 2 boys

1927- Believed to be the first year Vandyke school competes in sports.

1930- Girls basketball wins first championship

1933- first year book published. School competed in Football, Basketball, Baseball & Track for boys. Basketball for girls who were called the Lincoln “Lassies” 1934- Shared the football championship with Berkey

1934- First year of organized band.

1935- Share championship with Berkey again

1936- Girls Basketball win championship, boys basketball wins district championship

1938- Baseball wins league championship

1939- Add a vocational wing

1940-Student council started, vocational wind dedicated. Homemaking curriculum developed

1941- Defense building – U.S.O. dedicated. Used for recreation and dances. Later used for an administration building and torn down in 1973

1941- Cross Country is regional champions class B

1942- Counseling Service inaugurated in high school 1942-Orthopedic room for handicapped children equipped

1951- Cornerstone laid for new high school

1953- New high school was completed and named in memory of Mr. James L. Truax who served 20 years as a teacher, principal, superintendent. He was killed in an automobile accident.

1954- Macomb Community College starts with 91 students and remains until 1964 when it becomes a separate school as a result of a county wide vote.

1958-New pool was added, one of the first in the county

1964- New school library opened

1972- Fine Arts, an auditorium, and stadium were completed

1993- Wrestling Class A State Champs & District Champs

1994- Wrestling Class A State Champs

1998- District Volleyball Champions

2005- Macomb County Basketball team of the year

2008- On May 6, 2008 voters in the Van Dyke district approved a $62.6 million bond issue to provide improvements to district facilities. The bond issue is a six-year program designed to provide building improvements at Lincoln High, Lincoln Middle, Carlson, McKinley and Lincoln Elementary schools.

2009- Secondary entrance and new Library completed

2010- New gymnasium completed

2011- New Career building dedicated and named after Mark Kedzier, former board member & district supporter

2012- New Entrance and Administration offices

2020-21- School Goes Virtual for the entire year because of Covid-19

2021- Pool is closed down :(