Currently we are running 7th and 8th grade Football and 7th and 8th grade Volleyball. Practices have started and they are right after school. All students must have a physicals on file in order to participate.

Lincoln Middle School offers a wide variety of sports teams for you to join and they are all FREE! They include:


  • Separate 7th and 8th grade Football teams

  • Separate 7th and 8th grade Volleyball teams


  • Separate 7th and 8th grade Boys Basketball teams

  • Separate 7th and 8th grade Girls Basketball teams

  • Wrestling team


  • Softball team

  • Baseball team

  • Track team

Student must be in good standing academically and have a physical on file.
Physicals are only good for 1 school year.

football team

Sports Schedules

Volleyball Schedule 2021


Monday September 20th – Home VS. Clintondale – 4:30 start canceled moved to 30th

Wednesday Sept 22nd – Home VS. Page – 4:15 start

Monday September 27th  - Away @ New Haven – 3:30 start

Wednesday September 29th – Home VS. Wilkinson

Thursday September 30th- Home vs Clintondale-4:30- postponed until 10/7

Monday October 4th - BYE

Wednesday October 6th – Away @ Chatterton – 4:00 start

Thursday Oct. 7th - Home vs Clintondale 4:30

Monday October 11th – Home VS. Wolfe  - 5:00 start

 Wednesday October 13th – Away @ Clawson - 4:15 start

Monday October 18th – Home VS. Eastpointe –

Wednesday October 20th – Away @ Clintondale – 4:30 start

Monday October 25th – Away @ Wilkinson –

Wednesday October 27th – Home VS. Chatterton – 4:00 start


Football Schedule 2021


Tuesday September 21st – Away @ Carleton

Tuesday September 28th – Home VS. Carter

Tuesday October 5th – Away @ Anchor Bay North  - 4:00 start

Tuesday October 12th – Home VS. Grissom

Tuesday October 19th – Home VS. Jefferson – 4:00 start

Tuesday October 26th – Away @ Warren Woods Tower – 5:30 start