About Success Academy

Our Vision:
The Success Academy will provide learners with support and encouragement in order to meet personal educational goals to be career or college ready.

Our Mission:
Focused on Futures

General Information

VDPS Administration Building   
23500 MacArthur
8:00-11:00am and 12:00-3:00pm   
Unless otherwise communicated by Director

Return to Learn On-Site Opportunities beginning March 9, 2021

Tuesdays 9-11am and Wednesdays 1pm-3pm ONLY
Program Administrator:
Mrs. Jennifer Iloff, Director and Teacher Mentor
On-Site Teacher Mentor:
Mr. Greg Cyr
Program Contact Information:
Phone: 586-427-0836 
Alt number: 586-758-8341   
FAX: 586-758-8332

What is the Success Academy Program? 
The Van Dyke Success Academy provides students with an alternate avenue in the path to graduation in a more flexible setting.  The students work with a certified teacher mentor to plan a full schedule of coursework utilizing PLATO Online Courseware.  This platform is designed to allow students the opportunity to complete the requirements needed to earn a high school diploma or grade progression free from the traditional restraints of daily school attendance.  Students are supported in their learning through mentoring and educational support provided by certified, highly qualified teachers.  Van Dyke Public Schools, with the approval of the Michigan Department of Education, has the ability to operate a virtual learning program.  This gives us the opportunity to provide a unique and individualized online learning program.