Parent Involvement

In order to support academic achievement, every student in Van Dyke Schools will have a parent or a primary caregiver who is empowered to participate actively in all aspects of his or her education.
There are many ways to be involved.  Title I Programming references six ways in their School, Family, and Community Partnership Project:

  • 1. Parenting

  • 2. Communicating

  • 3. Volunteering

  • 4. Learning at Home

  • 5. Decision-Making

  • 6. Collaborating with the Community

All Van Dyke Public Schools will actively promote and welcome parental participation and advocacy in all aspects of the educational process.  Call or visit your child's school today to see how you can get in on the action!

Melissa Pluszczynski,
District Parent Involvement Coordinator

Wendy Cusic,
Director of Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Contact)
(586) 758-8341 

Parent Involvement Worksheets