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If you are at home and want to login to Clever, Click here for specific directions.

The MISD as purchased two wonderful subscriptions for all Macomb County schools. They purchased: TumbeBooks, and TumbleMath,.Below is the login information for both websites:




Cyberbullying is using electronic devices to purposefully harass, mistreat or hurt someone else. It is when someone repeatedly makes fun of another or picks on another through hurtful comments, messages, threats, rumors, pictures, or videos posted or circulated online. I want you to understand that cyberbullying is NOT ok. If this happens to you or you know someone that is doing this, it is OK to tell someone. You can anonymously call, text or email the Ok2say hotline to report an instance of cyberbullying,

Call:8-555-OK2SAY (855-565-2729) Text:652729 (OK2SAY)